Does “The Zone” Equal Passion?

Over the weekend, I read repeatedly from a wide variety of sources that if doing something puts you in the zone, then that is your passion. If you’re trying to find your passion, then I think that’s a good place to start, but I think falling into that mindset fully is akin to falling for the belief that you should always pursue what you do well.

For example, I sometimes work with a student who is a very gifted athlete. He’s pushed to at least pass his classes so he can stay eligible to play his sport. One night, he and I got to talking and I asked him what he saw himself doing in a few years. His answer nearly killed me: “Not wrestling.” He did it because he was good at it, but not because he felt a driving inner need to do it.

If you find yourself doing a task that often puts you in “the zone”, reflect on it. Is it the activity itself that gets you there? Is there something in the course of doing that activity that puts you in the zone? Reflecting on the doing of the activity will help you determine whether or not the activity is actually your passion, and help you move one step closer to finding your path.


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