Paving the Way to Self-Assessment

One of our goals as a teacher is to create a sense of self-sufficience in our students. We try to help them move from dependent on us to dependent on themselves for certain bits of knowledge. We assign them a score of how well they have mastered their independence over the knowledge.

What if we were able to lead them toward a more independent, self-directed assessment model? Not only are they proving their mastery over the knowledge, but they’re also looking for acceptable levels of work from themself to reach that mastery. In the post, the students are critiquing a project and working to bring the quality of their work to a higher level, but what if this could be broadened to incorporate assessing other learning activities? Yes, there will always be students who will only do what they need to skate by and ones who will misapply the rubric, swearing they’ve done everything at the highest level because they don’t actually understand the rubric, or want the best grade for the least work, but there will also be students who can be brought to understand what the rubric is asking of them, and through critical thinking and honest appraisal bring themselves to that higher level.

It’s an interesting thought on bring out one more level of thinking, of reflecting, of being independent in students.

Found via Stephen Downes


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