Creativity as a Journey

I’ve run into all sort of interesting articles and books on creativity lately. Even though they all get there differently, they all seem to share the exact same message: Creativity is a journey.

Exploring your creativity, giving yourself permission to create, can lead to many things. You learn about what you’re trying to create. Sometimes, you even learn a lot about the medium you’re trying to create in. You learn about your own processes, your worldview. You learn to make mistakes and then work around them. You learn to solve problems. You learn to finish a project, step back, and reflect on it. (If you’re anything like me, reflection looks like, “Hey, look I’m done! Now I must hide it far, far away so no one else will ever see this monster!”)

When you create something, regardless of what it is, you never come out the same person you were going in. Creating something causes you to grow as a person while simultaneously making something better.

How’s that for killing two birds with one stone?


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