While Traveling Through Italy, Our Roof Fell.

I have a confession to make: I love misplaced modifiers. I do. Reading them always leaves me laughing so hard I can’t breathe. (I need to remember this the next time I hit a funk.)

My writing students have become used to this. I often find misplaced modifiers in their essays. When I start laughing, they immediately ask to see what I’m laughing at so they can have a good giggle, too. (Fortunately, most of my students have known me long enough to realize I’m not laughing at their paper, so they don’t take offense when I start giggling.)

The problem is, I had misplaced modifiers all but verbally beaten out of me as a child (My parents were huge sticklers for proper grammar), so now, when I really need to be able to come up with a misplaced modifier, I can’t do it. It’s frustrating.

I can identify them, but I can’t create them. I’m thinking maybe I should start by writing what I want to say, and then rearrange it into a sentence with a misplaced modifier. But for now, I’m stuck!

(I’m also in a ton of pain right now because I spent yesterday afternoon playing Guitar Hero II with a guitar that was designed for someone much larger than me. Not fun…)


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