People often look at me funny because I tend to have so many projects and activities going. They can’t quite seem to understand that it’s just me trying to preserve what’s left of my non-existent sanity. I learned long ago that if I didn’t have activities to move between, I’d get restless. I learned long ago that if I don’t have a variety of activities to move between, I just shut down and stop doing anything.

Somehow, I’m not the only person who’s become aware of this need to vary the day [dead link].

I think Life is a Journal has become a favorite read over the past week, mainly because I feel like I’m reading someone who thinks kind of similarly. He says, “Create your own physical education program” (Did you know one of the goals of P.E. is to create the habit of activity within students?), and I look at my walking/yoga plans, and the fact I document them to make myself feel badly when I blow them off. He says “Create your own art program”, and I look at my jewelry shelf, my graphic design folder, and my attempts to figure out Illustrator.

My favorite is the “Make up your own syllabus” part. I’ve been trying to figure out how to restructure my independent learning efforts into something more course-like, but haven’t found an approach that works for me yet. I used to think I was crazy for thinking that way, but… I’m really glad to see I’m not.

Maybe I’m just trying to justify how it is I juggle so many projects at once.


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