Moving From Theory to Practice

According to my goodreads account, I’ve been reading a lot lately (a book or two each week, not counting manga). I guess that shouldn’t surprise me. At the beginning of August, I sat down with the list of books I wanted to read and hunted them all down in a local library system. On one hand, I cleared out almost the entire “writing” section of my list (yes, my list is broken down by topic or genre). On the other, I’ve spent so much time reading that very little writing has actually been accomplished.

Yesterday, I finished Writing for Comics with Peter David, and turned to an empty shelf. Everything on hold with the library is either about Montessori education, is a Myth book by Robert Asprin, or is one of a handful of Rush CDs. My “to-read” list still has some books left in it, too! (And I need to go in and add some more.)

The point is, I have read all the writing books I wanted to read (at the moment). Instead of hiding behind “learning my craft”, I can now return to “developing my craft”.

It’s a bit weird.

I’ll be forcing myself to take a more active role in another of my creative outlets. I’ve landed a gig teaching jewelry design at a local Michael’s. They want me to come in later this week and create the pieces that will serve as examples of what can be learned in the class.

At first, I didn’t worry too much about it because the last time I was up for a teaching job at Michael’s, I created a curriculum. I pulled that out after I got off the phone Thursday and choked. The curriculum, which was supposed to be a bunch of technique-driven projects, is far better suited to become a how-to guide on jewelry design.

I’ve been scribbling ideas in my jewelry notebook off and on all weekend, but I think it’s going to come down to listing the techniques I know, and then building a project list from them.

This week will definitely be a practicum week.


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