Book Review: Writing for Comics with Peter David

I’ve spent the past two months submerged in writing books, and I think I can safely say that there are some truly frightening books out there (some of which come highly recommended by respected writers). Many of them agree on a number things, but they all conflict on a wide majority of things as well.

It’s enough to make a girl’s head nearly explode.

I got through James Bonnet’s book and his stirring speech on why the act-scene structure was anathema to good story structure. That was fun, because nearly everyone else (including books on good presentation design) has proven why act-scene structure is a good story backbone, and many of them have even made the three-act structure look like a great starting place for learning how to lay out a captivating story.

I actually swore off reading another writing book at that point, and then remembered I still hadWriting for Comics with Peter David sitting on my to-read shelf. Now, I have loved David’s writing since I was in high school. To this day, my favorite Star Trek: the Next Generationbooks have nearly all been written by him, and I own all the Sir Apropos books, and am slowly working my way through the Arthur books. Needless to say, I’m a bit of a fan.

Writing for Comics with Peter David is actually a writing book any fiction writer should read, regardless of what they’re trying to write. While his examples all come from his comic book writing experience, his advice is broad enough to cover comic books and fiction novels (both of which he has extensive experience in writing). He also includes a number of writing exercises (a coupole of which may be playing a part in my writing very shortly).

And he supports the three-act structure, too!


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