Planning Life By Writing a Screenplay

Goal-setting can be a daunting task. It’s easy to set small goals because you can see where they’re taking you.

Long-term goals, especially ones changing a part or three of your life, are a bit harder to see because you don’t actually know what the end of the rod is going to look like. You can make your best guess, and try to visualize it from your current knowledge, but even that can be a bit taxing.

Lately, a number of people have been talking about writing these goals into a screenplay rather than a to-do list. Screenplays, by their very nature, are visual creatures. They are scripts to be followed, and reworked when a scene isn’t working.

It’s a great visualization tool because it really forces you to think about the story, or the flow, of your life, and then allows you to find your path through the flow scene by scene, act by act. You can measure the actions of the character (yourself) against a character bio that you’ve hopefully drawn up.

If you’re a visual person, give this method a try and see if it helps you move forward more than other methods. You might find it fun and productive.

(In case anyone wonders, I’m laying the groundwork for my “screenplay”, which is more a television show than a movie because an episodic structure fits my life much better at the moment.)


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