Sharing Rights

I’ve been trying to get back into the creative swing of things over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been more actively taking pictures (I’m even starting to wish I had a slimmer camera to carry around with me) and I started an online self-paced drawing program. Over the weekend, I made my very first video, a tutorial on absolute value.

Nearly every single day, I’m uploading something I’ve made, and I have to sit and think about how I’d want that material to be reused. Let’s face it- anything online is pretty much viewed as fair game, anyway, because we aren’t adequately educating people about rights. The war for copyright has become such a farce that no one’s really sure where to fall anymore.

My problem, and so many other creators’ problem, is that I’ve been inspired by other people’s work, and I want those who feel inspired by my work to be able to incorporate what inspired them. That’s why I love Creative Commons. I can maintain my ownership while at the same time allowing others to build off my work within parameters I set

Recently, assigning the right license has become a challenge. When I’m just showing off my class assignments, I can’t give away those rights because I’m following a set of instructions written by someone else. When I’m showing off my photography, I have a license in place to allow people to create derivative pictures under certain conditions. I think I bounce between a few different licenses for my jewelry.

How do you decide which rights to share with fellow creators? How do you decide what you want your works’ future to look like?


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