Fake It Till You Make It

Admittedly, I’ve lived by that axiom most of my adult life. I’m so good at it, in fact, that people actually think I always know what I’m doing and that I’m perfect. It’s fun to watch someone realize I’m just as human as they are.

This doesn’t mean I act like a fraud or deliberately mislead people into believing I’m something I’m not. It means that with a little confidence and a little common sense, I can generally muddle through a situation until I’ve actually picked enough skills to do it on my own.

It may sound weird, but it really works. When you’re “faking it”, you’re really taking an opportunity to learn what you need to know in a hands-on situation, arguably the best way to learn anything. Even better, you’re immediately applying what you’re learning, further cementing your own understanding. You can then apply that to the next time the same question or situation arises, and you’re reinforcing your learning. Once you’ve completely learned that answer or process, there’s no longer a need to fake anything, and you’re honestly standing on your own two feet.


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