Are Formulas a Barrier to Innovation?

In thinking about tropes and the mindset that cliches are cliche for a reason, I can’t stop thinking about this artificial barrier.

When you spend a lot of time in a specific genre, you learn the patterns, the routines, the expectations, and after a while you get tired of seeing them. You start becoming tired of being able to predict new shows and movies.

I know because I accurately predicted a number of things about the second episodes of both Castle and Dollhouse, and it’s driven me up the wall. This is “fresh and new”…and too expected to be truly enjoyable.

So, why is it so wrong for someone who hasn’t memorized every writing rule, every trope, every formula to create something they’d want to see or read? Why is it wrong for them to look at the results of following “the rules”, and come up with their own take on how they’d shake things up?

I know there are people getting around it all the time, but I worry about the ones who are being squashed because they dared to be a little innovative within their own little circles.


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