Paying Attention is Helpful

The problem with being writer, actor, and director on your own work is that when your writer side doesn’t proofread the script fully before your actor side starts recording it, your director side gets very annoyed.

Or so I’m told… *looks away innocently*

But after much wrestling with equipment and stage fright, I have three more scripts recorded for Dead Bunny. Now I just have to find a video editing program on Linux that makes sense to me, and I’ll be back in business!

Oh, and those two workshops I took last summer proved to be very useful this afternoon. Somehow, I’ve picked up a sibilant S over the last month, and then I decided to experiment with plosives this afternoon. It would have frustrated me if I hadn’t thought about how Kathryn told nearly everyone else how to correct for that.

I still need to think about putting together my pseudo-reel (because I’m not confident to do much more than that), and I want a Director ball cap for when I’m up to my ears in Dead Bunny.


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