The Acquisition and Maintenance of Information

I mentioned last week that I’m cleaning up and reorganizing my digital workspace. When I started, I had notes, ideas, and links spread over LiveJournal, Evernote, delicious, and Todoist. I had a hard time keeping up with projects and ideas because I was never sure where I had stored the associated information, and it had finally pushed me over the edge.

To make matters worse, I’m an avid reader with a well-populated Google Reader keeping up with my subscriptions and saved search results, and I couldn’t decide where to put the information I was picking up there.

What’s an infovore to do? I couldn’t just put my reading on hold while I organized everything else because I had no idea what direction I wanted to organize in. I couldn’t cross my fingers and hope that I would start organizing as I either added or looked up information.

Except that’s kind of what I’m now doing. I allow myself two reading periods during the day, not counting the time I spend reading (only one book at a time instead of two or three). By slowing down the flow of information into my system, I have found that I have the time to sit down with one of my tools and work on cleaning it up and organizing it.

I feel like I’m regaining control over my information while at the same time still learning more, and that’s making this a much more tolerable project.


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