A Core Apprenticeship

So, we give everyone a basic common knowledge, laced with critical reasoning skills, and then we dump them into another kind of learning. In ye olden dayes, this would have come in the form of apprenticeship. In these more progressive times, it comes in the form of college or vocational school.

Why put school-weary kids through yet another level of schooling? Because not only do we need a basic common knowledge with each other, we also need a basic common knowledge with those in our field. We need a groundwork to build from, to discuss, to argue over, to challenge. We need to understand where the industry came from, what it’s gone through.

When we understand where we’ve been, then history informs our decisions to create something reliable and to create something innovative. When we share a basic knowledge with others in our field, we can propose, clarify, and defend those decisions in a manner that will allow others to understand what we’re doing.

Education is about transferring knowledge and skills at its very basic core. But it’s really about enabling communication – common knowledge can encourage and support discussion and discovery among those who share the knowledge, be it among the general populace or those within a field.


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