The “Big” Reveal

I’ve been reworking the affectionately-dubbed “zombie project” (that would probably be better if I included some zombies at this point), and I’m noticing something: There isn’t much emotion in this manuscript. Someone has actually pointed this out to me before, but now that I’m reorganizing and rethinking plot it’s standing out like a neon sign in an open field.

The main problem is that my “big reveals”…aren’t. I’m great at planting the clues, but each reveal is nothing more than a lacking (or nonexistent) build-up and a brief “This is supposed to be cool or awe-inspiring” moment.

That makes for great reading, doesn’t it?

So now, not only am I trying to fix my plot and character issues, but I’m trying to make these key moments in the story worthwhile for the reader. No one ever remembers the book that left them saying, “So what?” after turning points. I have to figure out what’s holding me back from turning these scenes into the moments they were intended to be, and then make them be those moments.

It’s a good thing I enjoy challenges.


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