The Best “What If” Players

I spent part of my weekend listening to the neighborhood children enjoying the last remnants of summer. Games formed. Inventions were considered. Ideas were bandied about in that way that only a group of kids can. It was wonderful to hear…especially since I’ve rarely seen kids out playing in the five years I’ve lived here.

One of the reasons I love being around children is because they see the world in a way lost to many adults. No one has told them what can and cannot be, and so they imagine what they think could be. They aren’t shackled by rules, tropes, or understood formalities. They just see what’s in front of them and turn it into whatever fits what they’re doing.

It sometimes leads to bizarre questions and side trips to very disturbing lands, but they’re simply exploring possibilities.

That’s why play is so important- it’s that opportunity for children to exercise their imagination and develop curiosity and creativity on their own terms. It plants the seeds for future innovation and creativity.


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