Taking a Closer Look

Recently, we looked at the benefits of engaging in error analysis, but that’s not the only way analysis can be useful. Analysis is really nothing but taking a closer look at something and interpreting what you see.

We engage in analysis for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, we analyze a situation to get a clearer understanding for what’s going on. We’re looking at what’s working and why it’s working. We’re looking at what isn’t working and what’s preventing it from working. We may then use that analysis to create suggestions for how to either keep things running smoothly or fix what isn’t running smoothly, but our primary goal in this type of analysis is to understand the system itself.

We may also analyze to problem solve or to predict. We may look for gaps that are causing a system or set of data to behave in a way we aren’t expecting. Once we find those gaps, we can take what we know of the system to fill in the gaps and straighten out the system or data set. If we have a complete system or data set, we can analyze it for patterns that will allow us to predict how the system or data will behave in the future, a useful ability in many industries when trying to plan projects and growth.

Regardless of our reason for engaging analysis, there’s no doubt it’s a useful skill to have.


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