A Weekly Sprint

This is a test post masquerading as a PSA (except I forgot to test the thing i was supposed to be testing…)

Television writer/producer Jane Espenson hosts a writing sprint on her Twitter account every Monday night at 8pm Pacific time. The rules are pretty simple: She writes for the hour, everyone else can work on whatever they’re currently working on (writing or otherwise) as long as they focus on it for the full hour.

I’ve participated for the last two weeks and found it very productive. The first week, I wrote the outline, script, and storyboard for a Dead Bunny video. Last week, I wrote 1,100 words on a short story that had adamantly refused to move forward for weeks. (I suddenly remembered the focus was the setting, not one of the characters.)

Just given my to-do list and production schedule, I assume I’ll be working on another Dead Bunny video tomorrow (unless I’m editing the next chapter in the audiobook I’m currently narrating). Won’t you join me? :)

Edit: It looks like she was otherwise engaged Monday night, but I still managed to get some work done. Did any of you?


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