My Prompt Journal

I recently cleared out my stash of writing prompts, deleting the ones that hadn’t appealed to me in years, assigning ones that clearly belonged with certain projects to their respective project.

Which is why I was a little stumped when I saw Beccalicious call for writing prompts in a recent Lit Community Experiment post. It would have been the perfect opportunity to dump those prompts. I’m instead going to share some of my current favorite sources for writing prompts:

Writing Excuses

  • Each week, authors Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, Dan Wells, and Mary Robinette Kowal post a fifteen-twenty minute podcast on various writing topics. At the end of each podcast, one of the four offers a writing prompt that derives either from the podcast’s topic or a joke that came up during it.

io9’s Concept Art Writing Prompts

  • Each week, io9 editor Lauren Davis posts a science fiction picture and invites readers to create their own story for the image. Davis is always kind enough to share her own work in the main post, so readers are never posting alone. The pictures cover a wide range of science fiction interests. (I’ve actually found some great prompts for my own projects here.)

Gotham Writing Workshop on Twitter

  • Although they don’t post them as often any more, occasionally they will tweet a writing prompt that’s vague enough to give you room to play, but interesting enough to make the prompt worth thinking about.

There are of course old missed prompt sources, like Writer’s Digest’s Promptly blog, which was always good for detailed, challenging prompts. But I guess that’s why we should all be grateful this Lit Experiment exists. ;)


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