Spark Your Creativity

Summer is a perfect time to engage in activities that will help develop or improve your sense of creativity. For students, it’s a great time to explore without the restraint of grades and tests. For adults, it’s a chance to escape the routines of their work for a bit. One way to spark your creativity is to expose yourself to new places, experiences, and interests. You don’t have to go on any special vacation. You just have to put yourself in a position to try out something you’ve never done before.

But don’t just try them out. React to them. If you’re a photographer, take pictures that capture the essence of what was important to you rather than the standard tourist pics. If you’re a writer, journal about what you’re seeing and how that’s impacting you through feelings, ideas, inspirations, etc. If you draw, doodle about what you’re experiencing. If you’re a video producer, make a video about the experience that again focuses on what you’re taking away rather than the experience itself.  Chefs can create a dish or full meal. Designers can create a capsule wardrobe or wall inspired by the experience.

The point is, react through your preferred medium, be it an old favorite or a new skill. Then…build on that. Create something that builds off your reactions. Choose a medium different from the one you used  to react, and continue reflecting on the experience. Think about new ways to look at it. Take it apart and put it back together in a different form. Don’t necessarily worry about keeping the same meaning, or about layering in any meaning. Just play with the experience. And then…find ways to allow that new experience to influence future projects. Steal an element and weave it into a new project. Make it a part of your voice, your point of view.


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