An Unexpected Hiatus

Sorry about the dead air here. A lot has happened over the last few months, and changes are happening. Changes that are going to affect the blog. I’m not sure yet what the full extent of that will be, but we’ll just play it by ear.

What to know some of what happened? Well…

  • For starters, I finished the planned videos for Dead Bunny Guides, and then the channel was accepted into YouTube EDU. (I’m very excited about that.) I also now offer live math tutoring through Google’s new Helpouts system…so if you or someone you know could use a little math help, my schedule is pretty open at the moment.
  • I also decided to try out online classes. Actually I went a bit overboard. I signed up for four classes, and completed three of them. (It turned out I didn’t have the proper prerequisite knowledge to make sense of the fourth class.)
    • One was a short rip-mix-burn class aimed at teachers. The community was friendly enough. We had to complete three projects: one physical artifact, one digital artifact, and one project that remixed some material. My favorite was the last one because it was the inspiration I needed to finally write my first interactive fiction, a fairy tale remix I’ve had sitting in my notes for several years.
    • Another was a storytelling class that advertised as being an introduction to transmedia and alternate reality games for experienced storytellers. When the class began, it became clear the teaching staff had no real idea what they wanted to teach, whom they wanted to teach, or any real depth of knowledge on the storytelling topics they did choose to cover. For all that, there were some projects I had a really good time working on. I made my first attempt at a location-based story (available on the ARIS server), and I finally found a storytelling use for Pinterest’s new map feature!
    • The last one just wrapped up, and it was probably my favorite. The class focused on presenting different research methodologies that scholar-artists can incorporate into their work. It was interesting. I learned some new methodologies I’m looking forward to trying out over the next year. I also got to bust out another long-neglected story idea and work on it for the class, and learned two very important lessons: 1. I have a very set opinion of a certain trope, and 2. I’m not ready from a technique point-of-view to really write that story the way it deserves to be written. Stretch goal!
  • I’ve also been in a couple of radio dramas (and have heard I’ll be doing at least a couple of shows next year). During a very stressful part of my year, I was in a Halloween show and got to learn a lot about myself as both a person and performer. And then just last week, I was in a Christmas show. The audition was a hoot, and the show is, too.Now if I could just get my audiobooks back on track, I’d be doing well. Heh.
  • I’ve also been doing a little freelance ghostwriting for a game. It’s so nice to be worldbuilding again!

I wish I could claim all of that is what has kept me from blogging, but I do have a full Drafts folder waiting to be polished up and sent out into the world. I’ll be starting an experiment here in January, but there may be one more post before the end of the year. (It’s been a crazy few days.)

And if you’re really lucky, there will be content all year in 2014, including blog posts, the occasional video, and stories in whatever format I can figure out. If I get really quiet again, feel free to poke me.


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