A Quick Summary of Peer Teaching

Another month coming to an end. I hope you guys found something new about peer teaching to chew on. The most important thing to remember when incorporating peer teaching into your learning environment is that humans teach each other by nature, and so peer teaching can take place anywhere.

Bringing peer teaching into the classroom and extracurricular activities gives the teacher more options in classroom management and assessment methods. It also gives students stronger communication and leadership skills, which they’ll carry with them beyond their school years. More importantly, it will help them develop an authentic sense of self, of who they are and what they know.

Beyond school, incorporating peer teaching practices makes a community of practice stronger and gives independent practitioners a way to network with others interested in their skills and interests. It brings learner and teacher together in ways that allow for more collaboration without worrying about who has the power in the relationship, because that relationship can change as the topic or skill changes.

Next month, we’re headed back into the personal learning environment to look more closely at the second phase: Recording. But always feel free to leave me a comment and let me know how you’re using peer teaching in your own teaching practice.


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