Re-Visiting the Recording Phase

Last time we looked at the personal learning environment (PLE), we discussed identifying a problem or topic to explore and then developing driving questions to guide that exploration. This month, we’re going to look at the next stage of the process: the Recording Phase. Like the Discovery Phase, the Recording Phase is a prep work phase, building up the launchpad started in the Discovery Phase to propel us into a successful, and hopefully surprising, exploration of our selected topic.

A reminder from the PLE series, way back when: The Recording Phase is for netting useful and interesting “fish” from the information streams you set up in the Discovery Phase. The keywords here are “useful” and “interesting”. We’ll come back to them throughout the month because they are that important.

As you’re reading through your information streams, you grab anything that relates, however weakly, to your topic. You’re starting to build up a knowledge base that will help inform and shape your work, either by supporting or by offering you something to challenge. But as you read, other things may grab your attention, things that have no obvious connection to your current project. And you have to grab those to and throw them in your Swipe File or your Read Later folder, because they will either turn out to later add a unique depth or twist to your project, or they’ll provide the inspiration for a future project.

Over the next month, we’ll look at moving from the Discovery Phase through the Recording Phase to lay down a strong foundation for your project.


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