Using the Recording Phase to Build a Storyworld

In the Discovery series, I showed a little bit of how I implement my PLE practice. I thought I’d do the same for the Recording series, by sharing a little bit about my morning routine. Every morning, I read through, my email, my feedly, and my Lists on Twitter and Facebook. Some days, it’s fairly routine. Some days, I open a bunch of links as I’m going through, and then I go back to those links and scan them. If they’re interesting or relate to one of my projects, I save them to Instapaper for closer reading.

In Instapaper (and also Springpad), I have folders set up for projects I’m currently working on. (In Springpad, it’s a tag.) One of my most active folders/tags is the one for New Glory, my futuristic storyworld I’ve been working on for years. New Glory is a crossroads created by religious people for political purposes. (Strangely enough, it wasn’t created for religious political purposes. That came later!) I have certain ideas in my head for various points in New Glory’s history, some that when I started working on New Glory in 2006 weren’t anything more than the imaginations of science fiction writers. But being the good little science fiction fan and writer, I follow technology blogs and social media types, and some of the very things I thought I was so clever for coming up with at some point in the last eight years…are now coming into existence, or in some cases just got overshot. So every time I see an article on one of my technologies of interest, I save it to the New Glory folder in Instapaper for later review.

feedly, the Lists/Interests features on social media, and Instapaper are my primary Recording tools for feeding my projects, but I find a simple routine works pretty well for me and keeps things moving. I do sometimes use Springpad or Pinterest to save some items, but those are rare.

For me, it was about finding interesting sources, and then finding easy ways to keep up with everything, to save what I wanted, and to organize what I was saving, and then streamlining that process into something I could work with. And that’s really what you will have to do: Figure out what tools work best with your own projects and workflow, and then make them serve you.


2 thoughts on “Using the Recording Phase to Build a Storyworld

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