Putting It All Out There

Here we are at the last phase of the personal learning environment: the Demonstration Phase. As the name would suggest, this is where you publicly demonstrate what you know through some means. (Publicly, depending on the situation, can mean in front of the person or people responsible for assessing you rather than the whole world.) How and what you demonstrate is dictated entirely by the material and the situation.

The Demonstration Phase is where the personal learning environment shifts from facing the learner to facing the communities the learner interacts with. It can be something as simple as a blog or well-maintained social media space, where the learner can not only show off what they’re learned and what they’re doing but also interact with others. It can be a more closed off space like a members-only forum, an email list, or a meeting space (online or offline) where the learner can demonstrate their knowledge and skills by contributing productively to the conversation.

During the next month, we’ll look at this phase through what should now be familiar lenses, and explore how the Demonstration Phase can be used by the learner to demonstrate knowledge and thinking, and by teachers and mentors to assess a learner’s development.


2 thoughts on “Putting It All Out There

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