Kicking Off DigiWriMo

I know, I know. I almost never post on a Saturday. But a week ago, I shared some ways you can get writing this month, and today, I’m sharing what I’m doing to keep my writing moving forward this month.

As I mentioned, I am no longer writing novel manuscripts, so I’m not going the NaNoWriMo route. I am considering going the NaNo Rebel route to help out my region’s word count, but I still haven’t decided. Should probably get that resolved this weekend. (Also, I should note that NaNoWriMo’s rules have changed so much over the years, that it is now actually hard to create fiction and rebel.)

I am definitely participating in DigiWriMo, the University of Wisconsin’s month focused on creating digital texts. My to-do list is a pile of blogging, a serial story, a short story collection, and an interactive writing project, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some of that squared away (or at least on track) during the month.

While not everything will make it into public view during the month, you can keep an eye out for my #digiwrimo tag on these projects…

If other projects become available, I will post them with the #digiwrimo tag.


Wish me luck, and if you’re tackling any of the monthly writing challenges, good luck. Let me know how it goes!


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