Taking Risks to Stand Out

The last time I talked about risk, I defined it as: pushing internal or external boundaries, facing fears, making mistakes, learning to assess situations. It means doing something you may not normally do, something that for you might be outside the box. It can even require a leap of faith.

Taking a risk can be terrifying. What you try may blow up in your face. Or it may result in you feeling embarrassed or humiliated But while none us wants to screw up in front of someone else (especially if that person can affect our future or if we have a lot of respect for that person), taking chances is often worth it. Because you chose to push yourself, to think a little differently, to confidently put yourself out there, you may just be brilliant. You could even land past the target you were aiming for.

But let’s face facts: You can’t push yourself to take risks, calculated or otherwise, if you aren’t willing to step up, step out, innovate, instigate. If you’ve been nothing but a follower, just stepping up into a more assertive capacity can be risky. But it’s the first step to taking more risks, and becoming more skilled and comfortable taking risks, and reaping the benefits.

So, what are you waiting for? Make choices that aren’t ordinary or expected. Carry them out confidently. Take that chance, and see what happens. Yeah, it might not go well. But who cares? Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Do it all over again. The risks will benefit more than not trying will.


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