About Rebecca

Rebecca Thomas is an audiobook narrator, voice actor, and writer with a passion for creating and playing in science fiction and fantasy storyworlds. A former teacher and editor, she channels her love of STEM and the geeky arts into projects she’s involved with. Years of experience teaching, presenting, and performing in live and recorded shows, as well as developing and assisting with live and recorded show production, allow her to quickly assess a production’s workflow and find her place.

Since 2011, Rebecca has narrated and produced over two dozen audiobooks, currently producing the Classic Girls Collection, a collection of children’s classics featuring brave, compassionate, curious girl protagonists. She’s also an award-winning audio dramatist, channeling her confident, youthful gravitas and her love of geeky genres and arts into playing a variety of characters who are often clever, sarcastic, a little nerdy, or down to earth. Between audio projects, Rebecca writes short stories and novellas in various flavors of near future science fiction and contemporary fantasy, and is contemplating experimenting with new media and interactive storytelling. When her schedule permits, she’s happy to use her keen eye and writing savvy to help other writers create the strongest, most polished works possible.

Beyond the studio, Rebecca blogs about independent learning, communities of practice, and her own learning journey at Genius in Transition. She has taught in various regional history and science museums, planetaria, and after-school science, math, and writing programs, often developing or contributing to educational programming and show production. She also independently developed and produced the YouTube EDU channel Dead Bunny Guides.

In her free time, Rebecca is an avid reader who likes to binge watch cartoons and action movies on Netflix while drinking tea.


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