Character Credits

VOCAL RANGE: medium-low to high voice
AGE RANGE: mid teens to older adult
VOCAL ATTRIBUTES: clear, confident, youthful, gravitas
ACCENTS: British (RP)/ Southern (general)



I’ll Meet You at the Canteen Kay Misfits Audio
Strange Stories – “Balancing Act” Anchorwoman #1 Misfits Audio
Jim Nolan, PI, Episode 20 – “Fear Itself” Mary Misfits Audio
The Pen is Mightier Rachel Misfits Audio
Star Rabbit Tracks – “Carole, There’s Rabbits at Christmas” Marie Misfits Audio
Seminar 55 – “Crimson Cape” Newscaster #1 Pendant Productions
Seminar 57 – “Decisions on Alien Suburbia” Dee Pendant Productions
The Soul Man Mrs. Ramsey Twilight Audio Theatre
Wing Commander: Defiant Few – Episode 5 Lt. Rachel “Pomegranate” Riney 4th Starveling Audio
Seminar 59 – “Reimagined Moments in Radio” Cynthia Pendant Productions
Seminar 60 – “Monster!” Tech 1 Pendant Productions
Devil’s Night Firefighter Misfits Audio
A Vernwood Christmas Announcer, Cynthia Didwell Pixie Fairie Media
Seminar 62 – “Chronomada” Rubina Pendant Productions
Seminar 64/65 – “The Few” (Part 1 | Part 2) Elsie Pendant Productions
The Dying of the Light Isobelle Doctor Who Audio Dramas
Archer & Armstrong, Episode 1 Rush’s Mom Pendant Productions
The Administration: Episode 14 – “Mergie on the Couch” Flight Atttendant Misfits Audio
Milly Foster: Episode 2 – “Games People Play” Boss #4 Misfits Audio
Star Trek – Tales From the Border

Commander Kelan Mk’Nas 4th Starveling Audio
Milly Foster: Episode 4 – “A Small Problem” Denise Grant Misfits Audio
Doctor Who: “Flux Time” (Parts 1 & 2) Doctor Samantha Jordan CP Studios
Twelve Angry Pigs Judge The Online Stage
Ever Young Mrs. Agnes Dorchester The Online Stage
Seminar 69 – “The Apprentice’s Choice” Interviewer Pendant Productions
Seminar 70 – “The Butchering” Millie Pendant Productions
Seminar 71 – “True Horror” Tamara Pendant Productions
Seminar 72 – “The OS Diaries” Riley Pendant Productions
I’m Dreaming of a Tropical Christmas Boy’s Mother The Online Stage
How Melvin Saved Christmas Cabbie The Online Stage
Diary of a Madman

Angela Fatecrafters Studio
Subject: Found 9 – “Whiskey Bend” Stephanie McCoy Fatecrafters Studio
Sci-Fi Salvage & Restoration Co. 2 – “86” Female Operator Misfits Audio
Seminar 73 – “The Forum” Woman Pendant Productions
Sci-Fi Salvage & Restoration Co. 3 – “Brain in a Box” Sonya Misfits Audio
Seminar 74 – “O! My Hands!” Patrisha Pendant Productions
Liberty: Tales from the Tower – “Entry 2-02: Excuse Me (Part 2)” Enforcer Nbao Nerdy Show Network
Othello Desdemona The Online Stage
Penelope Mrs. Fergusson The Online Stage
Seminar 76 – “Commercials” Wife Pendant Productions
Seminar 77 – “Word Wars” Rachel Pendant Productions
Atheist Apocalypse

Angelique Fatecrafters Studio
The League of Youth Ragna The Online Stage
Walter Wells Mysteries

Poppy North/Elizabeth Pilgrim Misfits Audio
The Pendant Shakespeare – As You Like It Page 1 Pendant Productions
A Dance in the Lamplight Edith Davis Bear Place Audio



Martin Aggett Story, Chapter 3 Valerie The Martin Aggett Story
Elly Cooper and the City of Antiquity Kamala Sobai Games



As You Like It “It Was a Lover and His Lass” The Online Stage