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I think I’ve been telling stories my whole life through whatever means were handy. As a young child and well into my early twenties, this often came out through one of the performing arts. Then in my teens, I started writing, eventually creating stories, training materials, in game materials, anything that just let me play with words. But in recent years, I’ve returned to performing, now spending most of my time working on audio projects.

I had forgotten how much fun it is to play in fictional people’s lives out loud, but figuring out how to share these projects in a world that’s gone digital has been a bit of a challenge. I post projects to various social media, but sometimes it’s easier to have one central place to link everything. This has been quite the experiment, one that keeps going as my body of work grows.

Feel free to surf through the menus and visit the various projects listed. Some are free; some are not. All of them represent hours of study, practice, and hard work, so please give them some love.

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Ozma of Oz

After being lost at sea, Dorothy washes up on the shores of the Land of Ev, reconnects with old friends, and meets Princess Ozma. Together they face the arrogant Princess Langwider and the terrible Nome King to restore Ev’s ruling family. The third book in the Oz series. Available on Audible.

The Dangers of Black Magic

Sundala is a magical land populated by the Eight Races: Man, Elves, Imps, Dragons, Karduul, Hagri, and Isliji. For eight hundred years they have lived in their separate ways, but now they must draw together as one to unite against a common enemy or face complete and utter destruction. Kyraen Aduli, slave in Sorcerer Balin’s […]

The Haunted Doll’s House

Asked to write a story to be included in an actual dollhouse’s library, M. R. James crafted a macabre tale where a collector buys a doll house that turns out to be more than he bargained for. Rebecca Thomas narrates this tale of a dolls’ house haunted by the last days of the residents of […]

The Lady, or the Tiger?

The Lady, or The Tiger, written by Frank R. Stockton and narrated by Rebecca Thomas, invites the listener into a semi-barbaric world where justice is decided by fate. The right choice rewards the innocent with marriage; the wrong choice punishes the guilty by serving him to a starving tiger. When the princess’ lover is sent […]

Seminar 76 – “Commercials”

Life is never short on surprises, be they gas leaks or your life suddenly becoming an advertisement. Featuring “It’s Only Logical” by Barry M. Putt, Jr. and “Commercials” by V. C. Morrison. As I pointed out on social media, I’m not anti-IoT. I find it rather interesting. Working on this made me rethink that for […]

Alana’s Trail

Ranger Alana Moorhawk returns home from a courier mission to find her half-brother Aidan has not yet returned from a simple survey trip. Her search for him leads her to a secret that threatens their family.   This is one half of a duology that I’ve been playing with for years, and finally sat down […]

Aidan’s Path

When cleric Aidan Moorhawk awakes from a coma in a hospital, he must figure out what happened to him before the voice in his head causes even more problems…for him and his family.   The second story in the duology with Alana’s Trail, available on wattpad.

Seminar 71 – “True Horror”

Episode Seventy-one – “Low Power” Be careful when you think you know someone… betrayal might be lurking around every corner. Featuring “Terminal Legacy” by Landon Beall and “True Horror” by Jeffrey Bridges.   Available through


From best-selling mystery author Traci Tyne Hilton comes Gone, the first novel in The Tangle Saga series. One woman, heir to a throne on Earth, found life on a remote space station a comfortable way to avoid the responsibilities waiting for her back home. But when her rebellious teenaged brother and sister disappear, her responsibilities […]

Upon a Mystic Tide

Glamorous Bess Cameron, a radio psychologist from New Orleans, is lured to Seascape by a mysterious call, and when her estranged ex-husband, John Mystic, erupts on the scene with his charm, Bess struggles to protect her heart from the growing passion between them. Available on Audible.

Aunt Renie’s Texas Hill Country Christmas

One December morning, we were surprised by a knock at our door. It was Aunt Renie stopping by for a short visit.   This was originally a story created using Pinterest’s map feature (which has since been discontinued) for an interactive storytelling class, highlighting some favorite Christmas sights around San Antonio.

Aunt Renie’s Fiesta Trip

Enchanted by her whirlwind trip through the Texas Hill Country at Christmas, Aunt Renie came back just in time to attend Fiesta. (Spoiler Alert: She collected more medals than we did.)   This was originally a story created using Pinterest’s map feature (which has since been discontinued) to highlight favorite Fiesta activities after I received many […]

Chasing Normal

Fifteen-year-old technical artist and animation apprentice Travis Ando grew up moving around a lot. Her mother is an interactive movie star. Her father is a rock musician. She completed primary and intermediate school through distance education and has never had a real friend. When her mother accepts a role at a studio in her home […]

I’ll Meet You At The Canteen

Centered around the historic North Platte Canteen during World War II this drama inspires devotion to country, promises kept, and the real stuff of American life in the 1940s. A love story that will be worth listening to again any time of year.   Presented by Misfits Audio

The Moorhawk Duology

A wattpad duology consisting of the stories Alana’s Trail and Aidan’s Path. Alana’s Trail – Ranger Alana Moorhawk returns home from a courier mission to find her half-brother Aidan has not yet returned from a simple survey trip. Her search for him leads her to a secret that threatens their family. Aidan’s Path – When cleric Aidan Moorhawk […]

Seminar 64/65 – “The Few”

Part 1 – It’s natural to wonder what the future will bring, but not knowing who’s friend or foe can make things pretty complicated. Part 2 – Life and death struggles are more common than you think, even if you’re not aware of them. It all depends on your perspective – and what you stand […]

Archer & Armstrong #1

It’s a globetrotting quest for the Valiant Universe’s greatest secrets, from the New York Times best-selling team of Fred Van Lente (Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Zombies) and Clayton Henry (UncannyX-Men)! Obadiah Archer was born and raised to cherish three things above all else: the faith of his parents, the love of his 22 brothers and sisters, […]

Star Trek – Tales from the Border

Set shortly after the end of the Dominion War, the USS Rembrandt is assigned to a diplomatic mission to the failed Earth Colony on Turkana IV, which is currently under Dominion occupation. What should be a straightforward assignment quickly becomes more complicated and more perilous as the Rembrandt’s presence proves to be a catalyst for […]

The Twelve Angry Pigs

Guilty or not guilty?  A spoof on The 12 Angry Jurors, The 12 Angry Pigs by Wade Bradford examines the case against the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs. Was the Wolf really selling Wolf Scout cookies or is he indeed guilty of huffing and puffing and blowing down those two houses?   Presented […]

Ever Young

Four older women meet to reminiscence on life, death, divorce, and lost loves. Each have explored their lengthy lives in a different manner as they have learned to cope with being the ones left behind. Tinged with humor throughout, the realistic portrayal of the elderly will tug at your heart strings while making you reflect […]

Seminar 72 – “The OS Diaries”

Corrupt promoters and know-nothing bosses have one thing in common… they can’t see their own failures coming. Make sure to check out “The OS Diaries”, a The Office-style spoof of a technology company trying to impress foreign investors. (It goes poorly.)   Available from Pendant Audio.

As You Like It

Sometimes, the funniest thing happens: You get asked to sing a song you’ve known since you were thirteen. That’s what happened here. They needed a singer to step in, and I just happened to be available.   Available on the Internet Archive.

I’m Dreaming of a Tropical Christmas

Climate change has at last caught up with the North Pole: an extended unseasonable burst of hot weather has brought toy production to a halt. Unscrupulous entrepreneur Milt Landon has taken advantage of the new climatic conditions and is trying to turn the North Pole into a tourist trap. Will Santa be able to return […]

How Melvin Saved Christmas

Santa’s Christmas schedule has run into a major problem – all his reindeer, even the heroic Rudolph, are too ill to fly. However, a promising solution to Santa’s dilemma is offered from an unlikely source – the eccentric elf Melvin.   Available on Audible Now available as part of Mike Murphy Radio Theatre: A Christmas Collection

Seminar 77 – “Word Wars”

Conflict is at the core of the human condition, whether it comes from words and trolls, or from within. Featuring “Word Wars” by Landon Beall and “Smores” by Anna Rodriguez.   Available at Pendant Audio  

Atheist Apocalypse

The beginning of the end. Join us as the MGE institutes a “no whining” policy and we discover what has been happening to all of our favorite characters since we last heard from them. (Available from Fatecrafters) 1 – “No Whining Wednesday” 2 – “Op-Ed Gang Warfare” 5 – “Ethnomedicine”

The League of Youth

Often considered to be Ibsen’s most popular play in his lifetime, The League of Youth caused fighting in the streets, with conservatives claiming it was an attack on their party and liberals claiming it was an attack on theirs! A thought-provoking comedy that’s sure to feel shockingly familiar. Unusually for Ibsen, this play has a lot of […]

Subject: Found 9 – “Whiskey Bend”

Jared has a choice to make that will determine the course of his Bigfoot investigation … and maybe his life.   Available at Fatecrafters’ Subject: Found feed.

Walter Wells Mysteries

Semi-Forgotten World-Class Detective Walter Welles has run out of money, thankfully his sense of direction leads him to a new case. (Use your headphones. This series is ASMR.) Episodes 1 – “The Devil’s Masseuse” 2 – “Soul Food” 3 – “The Snowfall”


The predominant theme in this Shakespearean tragedy, believed to have been written in about 1603, is jealousy and the destruction it causes when allowed to run rampant. It features one of Shakespeare’s most compelling villains, Iago, who skillfully manipulates his commander, Othello, into believing that he has been betrayed by his wife, Desdemona, and his […]


In this elegant comedy of manners, Penelope O’Farrell discovers that her husband has been having an affair with an attractive married woman. Instead of lapsing into despair, she decides to employ some cunning strategies to save her marriage.   Available at Audible

Elly Cooper and the City of Antiquity

Summoned abruptly by her father, Elly returned from holiday earnestly anticipating the news. After a series of unexpected twists, Elly is thrust into an epic adventure taking her around the world. Investigate and examine clues, use your wit and tap into your past to unravel the mysteries surrounding your kidnapping, your father’s disappearance and a […]

Little Women

First published in 1869, Little Women is the story of four sisters growing up against the background of the American Civil War. Alcott wrote the book at the urging of the publisher, Thomas Niles, who was seeking a story about girls that would have popular appeal. Although it was commenced essentially as a children’s book, it developed […]

Anne of Avonlea

Anne has delayed her college ambitions to stay with Marilla at Green Gables after Matthew’s passing. But when Marilla takes in a pair of twins, Anne must juggle her responsibilities at home, at Avonlea School, and at the local improvers’ society. She rises to the occasion and meets a favorite author and new kindred spirits […]

Pride & Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is Jane Austen’s classic comic romance, in which the five Bennet sisters try to find that most elusive creature: a single man in possession of a large fortune. Sparks fly when sweet, pretty Jane meets their new neighbor, Mr. Bingley, but her sister Elizabeth is offended by his haughty friend, Mr. Darcy. This […]

The Trouble With Recording History

Formerly a two-part expanded moment in my writing practice (under a completely different name), “The Trouble With Recorded History” is a vignette about one of the Golden Dragon archivists fighting machine and storage devices to preserve the very last story of the darkest moment in New Glory’s history.   Available on wattpad.