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Thank you for visiting. I’ve put together a collection of projects recently featured on Instagram, recently released projects, and recently published blog posts for you. If you enjoy what you see, please feel free to use the navigation menus above to visit more of the site or the sidebar to check out other projects or even support my work.




More than almost anything else, I am a storyteller and a performer. It’s probably why I fared so well at teaching as long as I did – it’s the ultimate blend of those two worlds. But I would come home, and create. Most of my creative work has long been of the writing variety, creating stories, training materials, and in-game materials. But in recent years, I’ve migrated back to performing, now spending most of my time working on audio projects.

I share my voiceover and writing projects on Instagram through my In the Wild images, but Instagram doesn’t really allow direct linking to projects. So, ones I’ve shared recently on Instagram are above; and projects released recently into the world are below. You can also find them on my voiceover and writing Facebook Pages. Some of these projects are free; some are not. All of them represent hours of study, practice, and hard work, and would appreciate some love.


I’ve been narrating audiobooks since 2011, producing them since 2012, and performing in audio dramas since 2013. Now, I’m starting to branch out and explore other areas. It’s always a bit of an adventure and a lot of fun, and I hope people enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoy doing them. (A full catalog of projects can be found here.)


I’ve written stories most of my life, so much so that people stumped for a present for me have often given me blank books and journals. While I have had a rocky relationship in recent years with my writing, I am getting back into writing as time permits and posting the occasional short story, vignette, or script on wattpad or deviantArt to distract everyone from the fact I have more serious narrative projects in the works. (A full catalog of projects can be found here.)



I am a former middle school/high school math, science, and writing teacher who loves to create things and a longtime blogger who loves to write about what she’s learning and creating. Sometimes, it’s technical. Sometimes, it’s all experience. Sometimes, it’s just a rant. If you’re feeling inspired (or looking for inspiration), you can read more posts (and even surf through categories that look interesting) through the Blog link at the top of the page.



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